Vagina Monologues - Israel

4月 06 2011, カテゴリー: Clitoraid NEWS
We were priviledged to have the performance of Vagina Monologues in IsRael and that gave us a great opportunity to install our table to promote Clitoraid in the lobby of the Dimond Theater of Tel Aviv.

The organizer Nitsan was really charming. She was so kind to give us 3 free entrance tickets.

This performance not only denouces the violence to women but awaken minds by speaking about the vagina, orgasm, masturbation, and many other subjects related to sex. They also mentioned Betty Dodson, famous Sexologist, Artist and Author who is very dedicated to the Clitoraid cause

It is fantastic to have this kind of performance in countries of the Middle East where sexuality is still taboo.

We were at the right place to represent Clitoraid and had a great success.