Burkina Faso - Pleasure Hospital viewed from Bobo-Dioulasso

9月 27 2011, カテゴリー: Clitoraid NEWS
By Abi Sanon, coordinator of Clitoraid Africa (Kama)

Many passersby and travelers on the road leaving Bobo-Dioulasso for Banfora and the Ivory Coast, are wondering what is this beautiful building where the uncommon architecture is very visible.

Many questions arise and are quickly dissipated for those who take the time to read the panel presentation and check with the teams of workers involved in its construction and security guards.

The "jewel" that will beautify the City of Sya and bring well-being immeasurably to women victims of FGM (female genital mutilation) is the work of all! Donors sensitive to gravity and horror of FGM, who greatly contribute by providing funds for the construction and volunteers of the association who raise funds around the world to allow these brave women to regain their dignity and find sexual fulfillment by restoring their clitoris. Everyone brings his color and part in the building.

Anyone who has had the privilege of visiting Kamkaso Hospital (Hospital of Pleasure) were impressed with this wonder in progress. The population of the city of Bobo -Dioulasso and especially women of Burkina Faso are eagerly awaiting the opening of the doors of the hospital as evidenced by these two women:
Ms. Ouédraogo "About restoring I do not know any women who did it but if you say it's possible I think the circumcisers will retire and therefore implies that they must return to their fields. For the construction of the hospital it is a great relief for women and I hope that all circumcised women will come. I encourage you and hope the people support you."

Ms. Badiel "I cannot sue my parents if I would do because they took away what I hold most dear, my organ of pleasure. If today thanks to the doctors I can have my jewel I'm ready to do so. Let this hospital be born as soon as possible so that women are finally being restored and they again become like men to enjoy their body. Whoever had the idea to help these African women is a genius and I wish him a long life and a lot of courage to the team that built this hospital. Let women, yes, above all, be many to come for being restored for the excision disappear forever within our walls. Thank you and much luck to you. "


View Of KAMKASSO hospital Building (August 2011)