Clitoraid's update, November 2008

11月 27 2008, カテゴリー:
It’s been way too long since we last posted an update about our special pleasure-restorative project to help FGM victims, so please forgive us for such a long silence.

It’s not that we’ve given up on our goals. On the contrary, wonderful things are happening. By downloading our first newsletter – available here – you can learn most of what we’ve achieved so far. In fact, just today, we received word that we now have all the signatures needed to start construction of the Pleasure Hospital!

What’s more, as you peruse the newsletter, you’ll see that our correspondents in Burkina Faso have really come a long way. It’s largely thanks to their patience and dedication that we now have all the necessary approvals and signatures.

It’s been a long journey – more than two years – and many interesting obstacles have been overcome. First, our acquired land was confiscated. Then administrators deemed “Pleasure Hospital” an inappropriate name. Other hurdles popped up as well. But here we are in December 2008, and we can now start actual construction!

Yet our work is far from done, so we need your help more than ever. You’ll see in our financial report that we haven’t yet met our financial goal for this phase of the project. To complete the main structure of the hospital, we need slightly over $200,000. Thus far, we’ve collected only about half of that amount.

The Clitoraid team is counting on your generosity to give thousands of women their dignity back. If you want to support them, be assured that your money will be used solely for that purpose. So far, the Clitoraid board has elected to operate only with benevolent partners – a decision that could explain why we don’t look like the most efficient organization around, but it also tells you that your money is going only toward the women who need it!

If you want to be part of it and give your time, please send an email to
If you want to donate, click here.
Please remember that your gift of pleasure to a mutilated woman is tax deductible! Now is the right time to give …

Our infinite thank for your help!
Clitoraid team